A Transformashen Weekend 

October 4-8


The total cost includes lodging, food, transportation from the Austin airport, and workshop participation.

The fun is FREE!


    Over the weekend, learn the deeper meanings of a dozen different world philosophies, myths, and children stories. Some will be the Genesis creation story, Arthurian mythology, and Jack and the Beanstalk. The weekend's goal is to demonstrate that these stories all have the same underlying theme, The Hero's Journey...we are capable of becoming superhuman if we can fully awaken the Transformashen fires. These alchemical fires have been described as the Kundalini in the east, as well as the baptismal fires in the west. During the weekend, you'll learn some engaging neurosomatic exercises that can help to awaken these fires!


    Hosted on the banks of Lake Travis at The Living Waters Retreat outside of Austin, the event is the first weekend of October.

The Location

The ShenDig will be hosted at the serene Living Waters Retreat property directly on Lake Travis outside of Austin, TX.

Event Details

How do I get to the property?

What will the schedule look like?

Where will I sleep and freshen up?

What's the cost? How do I sign up to participate?

Shen Life's Teachings are not intended to please everyone. Therefore, the team screens all of its participants to ensure the most impactful event possible.


This conversation starts as soon as you submit your request to participate. Then, a time for a video chat will be arranged. After which, if all resonate about moving forward, the registration payment will secure your spot.

What do I need to bring?

What if I have food restrictions?

Participants Love Our Live Events!

I look forward to every live event that Shen Life hosts. I always leave inspired and ready to tackle my life in a better way. 

Melinda L.

Massage Mentor

The live Shen Life events are great opportunities to directly press the flesh with Stephen, Erica and the pack. Plus, I always learn ways to deepen and reboot my practice.

Raneil A.

Programmer & Philanthropist

Want To Jump In?

Start the conversation with the Shen Life Team to determine if this ShenDig is ideal for your growth and participation.

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